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The billyT Project

  billyT Collection

billyT by William Thomas is a collection of 100% American Grown Supima tees w/ many different cuts and styles for your day to day. All billyT tees are cut + sewn in New York City or Los Angeles which sets us a part bc we do not mass produce our clothing.

The best part about the billyT Collection is that for every billyT "tee" purchased, you're a part of something much bigger than a clothing brand, we're a community helping to increase awareness and break the negative stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide. A portion of each billyT tee will be donated to local and nationwide organizations helping those who do not have access to therapy or counseling due financial situations, insurance, Covid19, etc. 

William Thomas is a proud supporter of the America Foundation for Suicide Prevention and will be working together nationwide in the future to drive awareness of mental illness through fashion. 

Click below to learn more about mental illness and suicide: