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Our Story

At William Thomas, we believe every article of clothing you wear is a statement. At its best, it captures the essence of who you are and what you believe. For us, that means a community of creatives committed to a monochromatic lifestyle in pursuit of passion and overcoming the obstacles that try and derail us.

One of the biggest obstacles confronting those pursuing a creative life is mental illness. William Thomas isn’t a meaningless combination of names, he was someone just like you and me. An adventurer, an entrepreneur, a cyclist, a photographer, a mentor, a father and a husband. He brought opportunity and inspiration to the lives of many including me – his son.

May 23, 2012 after a run in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park, I noticed five missed calls from my mom. We talk daily, so I knew something was wrong. I called her back and was told something that changed my life forever. My father had taken his own life. A tragic side effect from his body’s reaction to a prescribed medication that caused Steroid Psychosis, PTSD, etc.

My life derailed. It wasn’t until 4 years later that I started seeking help and taking steps to get things back on track. Photography played a big role in helping me through the darkness, letting me escape for a moment inside the lens. Then came Sony, the sweetest two-year-old (now 5) rescue pit bull I’ve ever met. The camera and canine therapy saved my life.

Through William Thomas we aim to provide you with the high-est quality American grown fabrics that bring a monochromatic style that not only feels good, but also does good. By supporting our mission, you help raise awareness for the causes we care about including de-stigmatizing mental illness, suicide prevention, and animal rescue. 


Brian Thomas



In Rememberance of William Thomas